Modern Eclecticism

Mixing antiques with modern pieces can be a challenge… how to avoid the hodgepodge?

Older pieces, such as this persian rug and victorian trunk below, can easily be interwoven into a contemporary room by playing with size and scale. In this case, the lamp and trunk echo similar elements, merely varied in proportion.

Mocca & Me;19th Century Leather Trunk, Thomas Jolly Interiors

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3 thoughts on “Modern Eclecticism

  1. excellent advice… i love eclectic interiors 🙂 X Cat

  2. RedCandy says:

    I love mixing old and new, but I agree there’s definitely a knack to getting it right!

  3. My mother seemed to do it flawlessly… and intuitively. She sold antiques and used to take me to flea markets to wade through booth after booth in the hot sun. I had no appreciation for it as a kid, but I love it now. And even though I think that good design usually follows some general rules of composition, I think I may have taken an overly intellectual approach to decorating in the past. I believe it’s truly about what one likes to look at and feels at home with as an individual. Design is subjective, and I love that 🙂 Red, I really enjoyed reading about the restoration you’re doing. Thanks for sharing your finds.

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