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A Royal Affair: Welcome, George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge!

As I eagerly await the arrival of my own prince or princess (coming soon and so far completely paparazzi-free), I have relished, savored and sweetly adored every last detail regarding the birth of Will & Kate’s baby boy. Like many others, I fell completely in love with Princess Diana for her grace, style, gentle demeanor and social conviction. The addition of this new life is special in its own right, and keenly reminds me of the importance each mother’s touch brings to her child’s destiny. For better or worse, our greatest hopes, fears and desires for our children will shape their character, from cradle to beyond. I am inspired and reassured to see the loving legacy of an exceptional woman carried out through her greatest accomplishment; her children. So, enjoy a little taste of royal style below. Here’s to mothers everywhere, especially my own beloved and exceptional mother, and cheers to William, Kate and their new little prince!



We love you, Diana!

Looking to furnish your own regal nursery? Copy these looks from high-end to Ikea.



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Best of British Design: The Corinthian Club

Yesterday’s spectacular Opening Ceremony was a celebratory montage of British history and achievement. A bit cheeky, sometimes dark, and chock-full of pomp and circumstance, it certainly did not disappoint. In tribute to the stunning display, we’re highlighting the best of British design, starting with The Corinthian Club.

“Built by David Hamilton in 1842 on the site of the 18th century Virginia Mansion, The Corinthian Club is one of Glasgow’s most elaborate and richly decorated buildings both internally and externally. It originally housed the Glasgow Ship Bank which was extended and embellished with superb sculptures and decorative features, added by highly acclaimed architects, artists and artisans including James Salmon (Snr), John Thomas and James Ballantine.

In 1929, the building was converted into justiciary courts and one of the UK’s finest Victorian interiors had many of its finest features hidden from public view behind false walls and ceilings.

In 1999, G1 Group painstakingly restored the ‘Grade A Listed’ building to its former splendour. This work included the reconstruction of the Roman Doric pilastrade and the restoration of the elaborate cornicing, superb sculptural plasterwork, free-standing classical figures and extensive gold-leaf work.”

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